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Library Organizer was developed for those who really love reading!
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10 October 2010

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This software is a simple library manager for your personal collection.

With Library Organizer you never forget about a single book lent out. Library Organizer has a loan manager that lets you keep track of the books lent out to friends and others. This tool will help you organize relevant information about your collection of books. Moreover, it has well organized directories which keep all the relevant info. One generally builds such collections of books with a lot of effort and by spending significant amount of money in the process. Should anything get lost, particularly because you lent it to someone and then forgot about it; may be painful. This tool helps you keep track of not only details about the books you have, but also about people you interacted with, sources of books etc. For example, a directory "friends" can hold all the details of your friends, their contact numbers, photos, books they have borrowed and so on.

The library organizer software makes it easy for you to catalog books as you acquire them. The interface provides a means of organizing information quite well. For example the screen about a book, present the information about the book title, binding type, ISBN number, pages, date it was added etc. You can even have a rating added. On the same pane you have summarized information available of the story. This pane displays the name of the author, year of publication and publisher name. On the left of this display you have a list of books, clicking on which bring up the information details, as mentioned, on the main panel. The view in the list mode can be changed to a virtual book shelf mode too. Like any such database driven applications, one needs to update and maintain the information contained, to get full value of the tool. Overall a very handy tool.

Publisher's description

With Library Organizer you never forget about a single book lent. The Library Organizer has a skillful loan manager which keeps an eye on all your books! Moreover, it has fabulous directories which keep all the relevant info. Let's say "Persons" includes all the authors of the books in your collection. "Friends" directory is sure to keep all the info about your friends, including their contact details, photo and books they borrowed from you.
Library Organizer
Library Organizer
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